Tuesday, March 28, 2017

L'Oreal Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care Moisturizer for Extra Dry Skin - REVIEW

L'Oreal Hydra Genius for extra dry skin and I have a pretty rocky relationship. It's one of those hate you, then I love you situations. We can't help it-we've got issues.

At times we get along but then there are time when we just can't stand each other.

My first impression of the product was marred by expectation. It was being lauded as this genius formula that feels like water sinking into the skin but besides the minute cooling as it touches the skin it felt nothing like that for me.

I am well versed in skin care being the skin care junkie that I am and I love Aloe Vera (the organic kind, as in the plant which feels like water as it is applied to the skin) and I also love Hyaluronic Acid (this gel formula feels like water as it is applied and being massaged into the skin) and the benefit is far more amazing.

Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid are both awesome for the skin (no matter the skin type). They are both hydrating but the level of hydration delievered depends on how pure and undiluted the ingredients are.

The L'Oréal Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care moisturizer for extra dry skin has Aloe Vera listed as it's 23 ingredient and Hyaluronic Acid is it 26th listed ingredient.

I want you to let that sink in for a little bit.

Now let's talk about the packaging which is a bit deceiving since it made me believe that I was getting a huge jar of product.

Firstly, it's an over sized box with 2D flaps at the bottom that basically creates a platform for the actual product to sit on and a pair that comes together a the top to secure the product within the box so it doesn't move around or fall out. At first I thought that all this was unnecessary and why not just use a smaller box design and seal the box with some tape type deal or plastic wrapping that the consumer would have to tear off completely to get to the product but then I thought maybe their way might be more affordable and certainly more functional for the thick glass jar that holds the product.

Lastly, the moisturizer is housed in a thick glass jar with very minimal information aside from the product name and how it is meant to be used, as well as how much product you get. This doesn't surprise me since the box is loaded with information as to the product details, usage, ingredient list and contact information.

The jar, in my opinion, is huge and gives the illusion that you're getting way more product than you actually are. This jar is however ideal for products with sensitive ingredients and is more sanitary while giving the product a luxurious feel but this could have also been achieved with a less dense glass or even hard plastic and an air less pump.

I am not a big fan of dipping my fingers in a jar and usually prefer skin care products in a dropper bottle (which Hyaluronic Acid usually comes in), air less pump bottle or squeeze tube and it's even better if the container is air tight and light cannot penetrate it.

While the packaging is pretty, it's certainly not cost effective and I would assume that is the bulk of what the consumer is paying for, but in reality the product is actually very affordable and ranges from $10 - $14 US depending on where you decide to purchase it.

You get 1.7 oz. of product which is fine since it's not a body lotion and you really only need a tups to apply to the face and neck especially since your skin needs may change on a daily basis as in some days it may be drier than others.

This product is truly best for very dry to extremely dry skin and it's even better on colder days so this would be a easy fix for winter skin.
On warmer more humid days you might want to go for something a bit lighter or use this as a night cream since it is a thicker formula.

I also want to point out that it's 5th ingredient is mineral oil and it had dimethicone as it's 3rd and 9th ingredient. This speaks volumes to the performance of the product since the ingredients that it boasts about (Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid) are the 23rd and the 26th ingredients respectively.

Water is the first ingredient followed by glycerin which is pretty good for moisture retention or moisture loss by attracting water from the lower layers of the skin to the surface layers where it can be easily lost to the environment, but the fact it sits right next to dimethicone, mineral oil and some ways away from shea butter which is the 7th ingredient means it may be effective in replenishing the skin. It also contains salicylic acid (used in acne treatments) as it's 31st ingredient, citric acid (33rd) which is very close to the end of the list so it's safe to assume that it's just used to preserve the product since there are no parabens listed.
Finally, the last ingredient I want to point out is tocopherol which is actually vitamin E, but before you get excited it is too little, too late in the line up to be of any significance to your skin.

When I first opened it, even without applying it to my face I was tad bit overwhelmed by how fragrant it was especially because it claimed to be suitable for sensitive skin.
It is off setting to me but I got accustomed to it very quickly and since it didn't bother my sinuses or break me out I don't think about it but if you're really put off by fragrant skin care products or are very sensitive to scents you might want to stay away from this because in all honesty the smell does stay for a little while though it's not as strong as when it is first applied.

If I were asked to describe the scent. I would say it's pretty.

It has a cool refreshing feeling as it touches the skin but it's very short lived. There are days when my skin is super dry, for example, when I do my dead sea mud mask and I have to apply a bit more but I realize that the more I use it, the less I need. It gives a radiant glow to my skin and I love how soft and smooth my skin feels after I massage it in.

The best thing about this L'Oreal Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care moisturizer for extra dry skin is it feels light on the skin (unless you over do it) and the moisture last for a long time so my skin doesn't feel dry at any point throughout the day.
This is perfect for me since my skin generally hates having anything on it and over washing my face (more often than twice a day) tends to dry out my skin and cause issues with my eczema.

I may not fancy this so much in summer months when my skin behaves a bit more normal to combination but we'll see.

Overall, I like this L'Oreal Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care moisturizer for extra dry skin and I think I would try the others. The price is right up my alley and pretty good deal considering it actually does what it is supposed to-well for the most part since I do not feel that it offers or even gives the same level of hydration to the skin as does Aloe Vera or Hyaluronic Acid.  I, however, cannot deny the improvement in the texture and feel of my skin since I started using it. My skin is also beaming with dewy radiance which I love.

I also love that it's not oily and that it doesn't grease up, even after hours of wear the skin still maintains a healthy glow.

I have a theory that this will make the perfect base for foundation helping it to glide onto the skin effortlessly and blend amazingly. I will test that theory and report the findings so connect to the blog.


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