Tuesday, March 21, 2017


She sat with her hands and her heart filled with her baby girl and she thought of her life and everything they had gone through.

Ari wasn't feeling well today she hasn't been well since Friday. 

TRich had already decided in her mind that no amount of pressure could break her this time and that she would allow no negative thought to enter her mind and no negative word to leave her lips. She chanted to herself over and over again because she knew her reality was constructed by her mindset.

She had fought the flu bitterly in the past weeks and her husband begged her to just rest and recover.

Nivek was a new man. 

She thought for sure that he had slipped back to his old ways after the robbery but he had surprised her. He was a man on a mission now.

They talked more, he listened more and she laughed more.

"Welcome back to the team bestie!" she jested one night as they sat watching burn notice and making fun at the boys.

He had scolded her with an evasive reply and turned back to watch the movie but what she didn't see was the smirk followed by a silent grin as she stared over her shoulder to see what the boys were up to.

All she had to do was to be patient and understanding. The fact that he talked to her helped her to understand the state of mind he was in. She asked questions instead on making implications and the more she observed him when he didn't speak the more she learnt about him and the more she loved about him.

"You do a great job." she found herself saying one night as he seemed in a trance of weariness and worry. "You do a great job as provider, as father, as husband. Don't you see?" she had turned to look at him now. "I will not complain anymore because you  do your best and I see you."

He sat up in the chair now and she felt a slight flutter because she knew she bolstered his confidence somehow.

During the weeks that she was sick or even those days that her back seemed to break he had been there. He had not only cared for her but he had care for his household. He took the clothes in off the line, he put the clothes out on the line, he even tried to sort the laundry by size, type and colours the way she had without coaxing and she loved him for it. 

He rubbed her back occasionally and even put lotion on her feet when she was just strung out from a hard day and didn't want to care for herself.

He was bae.

the story continues...

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