Tuesday, March 14, 2017


She thought about how months ago she wanted to skip out on her marriage over matters that now seemed minuscule. She remembered the first time she brought up divorce to him. It was after the birth of their first son. They were still newly weds and it was also the first time he had ever looked at another woman the way he had only looked at her. He was acting different then and she knew that some other woman had his attention.

She had even seen the betrayal for herself.

She recalled how he flirted so shamelessly in front of her and she felt belittled and that's where her insecurities escalated.

She thought about how things had finally gotten better and even recently how he seemed to work diligently at correcting his errors and making huge efforts to help her around the house. It was all so surreal to her especially since it came after she decided to no longer pray about him or her marriage.

To see him take out the garbage without being prompted was a nice change. To see him cleaning the toilet and the face basin even with knowing she usually cleaned them every Wednesday was a complete shock.

"I just don't want you to have to bend your back is all." He said as she side eyed him that Sunday.

He had woken up all by himself that weekend and after the kids got up he spread the beds and she sat looking at him dumb founded. It's not that he had never done it. It was that he had never done it without her asking and she was always so proud insisting that she could do it herself that she seldom asked and he never truly offered.

They had come a long way and in her heart she knew the journey had only just begun.

The robbery caused a major setback and with it he had lost his faith.

It seemed he had reverted to old habits.

This time she knew she had to be patient with him.

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