Wednesday, March 1, 2017


She woke up this morning having to brew a pot of leaf of life tea for her family. They didn't have nothing, there were bananas on a chair in the kitchen, a somewhat large sweet potato, they even had cooking oil, some rice, cornmeal and a bit of flour.
There was scallion, thyme, peppers and parsley in the refrigerator drawer and on the door there was more than a half tin of milk, mustard, sweet relish and a piece of anchor butter.
The cupboard still boasted a bag of sugar and some ketchup, vinegar, soy sause, chicken seasoning, salt, mixed spice and cornstarch.

There was plenty to eat in her opinion.

She had even forgotten about the tomato sauce that she had poured off two tin mackerel more than a month ago. 

She could feel his eyes on her as she labored in the kitchen-making a meal out of scraps. She thanked God for the rice as she stirred the pot, choking back tears as he came and stood beside her to whisper that he was sorry.

"What are you sorry for?" She scolded him. "It's not your fault!"

She should have hugged him. She thought to hug him but she was afraid of him feeling emasculated.

In that split second she thought about all the times she wanted to leave him and how in that single instance he could have been gone forever.

Her whole world began to deconstruct as she recalled the one moment that may have unraveled and destroyed something in him.

"I WAS ROBBED!" his words came stabbing at her with a brute force, a greedy fear that was somehow never satisfied-another nightmare she had to face.

A demon she needed to relinquish.


It echoed like hail stones on zinc roof tops as she played out the possible ways the onslaught could have ended.

"they had knives pointed at both my sides and the other was stuck against my back." the words trailed off like the hot sands into a steady sea.

to be continued...

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