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14th May 2016 - finished braiding my short natural hair. I had just done the big chop.

I had long healthy relaxed hair.

30th June 2016 - interlocked my new growth for the very first time .


Uhm, well, let's back track a little.

It's a familiar place and in reality I didn't just want locs-I wanted my locs back.

I was coherced into cutting my locs. I think it was back in 2008 in second year of university.

I started my locks for the first time back in high school maybe a year or so before graduation (in 10th grade) and I started them with two strand twists that I manipulated even more so that my locks would be more instantaneous.

I had actually learnt how to do it from a close friend.

Keryiann, had turned her long beautiful tresses into gorgeous locs and that too overnight.

It was an era when locs was tolerated but not accepted, accepted but not tolerated...if you get the drift. A time when the man or woman that wore locs had a system of believes that clashed with societal norms. It was a hairstyle associated with the rasta culture and it still is so in reality not much has changed except that locs are more widespread and diversed.

I still wanted it. I knew who I was and I still wanted it but back then you had to go through the mother and no I am not talking about the apple cider vinegar.

Long story short, I asked, she said no, I did it anyway.

What can I say, I was a bit rebellious.

It was the perfect hairstyle for me and hey it got me to stop cutting my hair which I did so often that my mother thought there was something wrong with me.

I installed the locs with my mid length loose natural hair. I didn't use anything on my hair besides hair oil (the regular blue Dax and black hair oil whe mi granny use to use). I just thought it didn't make sense to put products on what was essentially matted hair. It was not until my hair got longer that I started trying out other products in it with the intention to style it and that's when the build up started. I remember using my mums dish soap (before the dish soap I was using regular VO5 shampoo to wash my locs) to try to get the gunk out of my hair and one evening when I got home from school I boiled a big pot of water, poured it into a basin, added some dish soap to it and put my head in it. The idea was to soak out the build up so my locs could be build up free again and it worked-it may have worked a little too well because my hair was stupid dry afterwards. Then I got the idea to use hot oil treatments-you know the ones that came in the little tubes that VO5 used to make.

I wonder if they still make them?

I had quickly discovered my hair care regimen and it was a simple routine that made caring for my hair fuss free.

I had beautiful locs that made me feel queenly and brave and in second year of university I cut them. I was forced to cut them by the leaders and members of a church that my mother took us to. I was told that God wasn't pleased with my hair, that I wasn't serving God and so many other things that I don't wish to regurgitate.

I became sad, distant, withdrawn and depressed.

I always wanted my locs back. I even attempted to start them on more than one occasion while I had long loose natural hair. I started them on three different occasions and took them down shortly after. One of those times was because my husband's father told me to pull them out. The other was because of personal issues.

Last year April I asked the hubster to shave my head. I had gotten a relaxer the year before and my hair was long and lush. I also became painfully aware of just how high maintenance relaxed hair really was and I was self relaxing to make matters even more tedious.
Life grew stressful and I began neglecting myself (as I usually do) and my hair suffered greatly. It started to break and split and there was no way I could give it the attention it needed because I had a laundry list of health problems and so I shaved my head.

Shortly after I found out that I was pregnant and I decided that it was time to LOC up.

I shaved my head April 3rd 2016. I braided my hair May 14th 2016.

I officially interlocked my hair on June 30th.

It was a rough beginning with my hair being as short as it was it would unravel and I couldn't help washing it even though I didn't use conditioner after I shampoo, there were times when I opted for a Co-wash or just conditioner alone since my hair seemed super dry so often.

I interlocked every month to keep my hair neat since I was getting a lot of flack about my hair looking messy from others as well as the hubster.

December 2016 I decided to get my hair done by a professional and she did my hair so tight that my hair started coming loose from the roots by January/February I had lost one loc and by March's end 9 more had been dangling by a few stands of hair. They were weak and my scalp was severely affected by the tension so I snipped all 9 of them and asked my husband to level the playing field.

9 of the 10 locs that came out. 

I had also decided after December 2016 not to  interlock for at least two months and give my scalp a bit of a break. I ended up not redoing my hair for 4 months and so had a lot of new growth. I didn't care that my hair looked messy or crazy in everyone else's opinion because essentially locs are frizzy and full and I liked it like that and I always did what I wanted with my hair anyway and nobody could make me feel bad about it (except for those few vulnerable moments in my life).

April 4th 2017 (I interlocked all my new growth then I wet my hair in the shower) 

April 1st 2017 I shaved the sides of my head due to infected hair follicles and damaged scalp.
The hair is growing in quickly and I can't wait to reinstall the locs that I lost.

I didn't start my locs because I had some sort of epiphany. It's a lucid decision made by a busy mum of 3 little kiddos. I have been told that it's because I am lazy and don't want to comb my hair-I have never hidden the fact that I don't want to and don't like combing my hair. I have always been up front about that. Locs suit me and my lifestyle.

This is my fuss free journey.

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