Saturday, April 22, 2017


So, I decided to take my locs down over the Easter weekend. I had just shaved the sides due to hair follicle issues (read about it in my loc history). Truth is there was more to it than that, more to it than I cared to admit and well, everything inside me was fighting to hold on to my locs in spite of the fact that they were no longer healthy.

TRACTION ALOPECIA taking its toll on me. 

C - gives you a peep at my edges but the new growth hides much of the damage, D - shows how skinny some of my locs were getting especially in the front. 

I started out with thick healthy hair and it grew that way until my encounter with-let's call her Sana. She did my hair back in December. The usual, nothing special, but she did an awesome job and my hair looked great when she was done. I didn't even realize how tight my hair was until I couldn't sleep that night. It was stupid neat though and so I ignored the sound of my hair pulling from my scalp, the painful bumps along my hair line and even the sudden well spring of hair with white tips that gathered at the base of each loc but mainly the ones along my edges. Once fat locs seemed to grow thinner with time and it became obvious that my hair wasn't falling out naturally but the tension forced them out root, follicles and all.

A - the space from the first loc I lost filling in nicely, you can't even see the others that are barely hanging on. B - I clipped the ones that were barely hanging on by a few strands of hair (4 from this side, 5 from the other side) and because they were started off fat the length was pretty thick especially with the hair that falls out from the scalp added to it. C - a day after the hubster shaved the sides. D - two days after shaving. 

After I interlocked and wet my hair while in the shower. This was my first time interlocking since December. 

I could cope with the damage and even the setback as long as I didn't interloc my hair and I think maybe one of the reasons I stayed so long without redoing my hair was because you couldn't see the difference under the frizz. As soon as I interlocked my hair the damage became evident and I hated it.

I thought to shave my entire head but my husband was against it and if I were to be completely honest, so was I. I had approached my local journey with maybe an inch and a half of hair so I decided to take the not so simple way out and take them out.

The take down process. 

It took my lazy butt three days to get them down with the hubster's help and we were very inconsistent and maybe only spent a few hours at a time getting at it. He used a tire needle to get through the tangled but meager roots (due to the thinning) and I went in with a rat tail comb on the fatter more supple tangled length.

With each loc we unraveled, I detangling and two stand twisted, double up a few as I went and then my tizzy free liminality was born. Don't mind the messy bed.

Wednesday night after I washed my hair for the first time after 11 months in it's loose natural state. I applied Cantu Shea Butter Deep Treatment Mask to the hair only and two strand twisted my hair in sections. I applied a special oil mix to my scalp and air dried.

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