Friday, April 28, 2017


Two weeks ago we talked about my ambitious goals to end a few skin care products. I truly am not a product junkie-though my makeup stash would argue otherwise. The last time I bought makeup was somewhere in 2016 before Ari was born or just after. I can't remember. I'm sure it was before in the naiive Ole days when I thought I could use 200 lipsticks all on my own.

I've been decluttering ever since.

Point is, I really don't purchase much skin care or hair care products. They're mostly sent to me by companies or brands looking for, hopefully, an honest review. If I like stuff, and I mean really love it, I will buy it (often times it's some of the same stuff I was sent since they obviously worked for me).

Makeup tends to be an obsession, a weakness, a very expensive addiction so that's why I committed myself to a no buy rehabilitation programme and I have been clean / straight for seven whole months.

*breathes deeply* and it feels good.

Let's start things off with a few oldies and I can't say goodies because they really aren't that great but they get the job done.

City Color Brow Quad - dark 
In all honesty I don't really like this brow quad and I'm not sure if I even like brow powders and pomades for myself though I find it quite handy for some of my clients. I have had this for a little while but I took a vested interest in it last year October and I have been trying to finish it off ever since. I have done pretty good since I don't wear makeup very much, these days, not at all.

Jordana Quick Liner - black (missing from photos)
I have about half an inch of this left, maybe less. It broke but I just stick it back in the pencil. I don't even know how long I've had this but I have had it for quite some time. I mainly use it to line my upper lash line so it took me some time to make progress.

Avon Glimmersticks Diamond Liner - brown glow
I can probably use this up in two tries but I haven't been reaching for it at all for some time. I have had this for too long and I'm almost ashamed to admit it but it's the truth. It's a good product that's actually very versatile. I like it on my lips topped with a gloss but I like it on my waterline a little bit more.

CoverGirl Queen Collection False Lash Drama Mascara - standard black mascara but I do believe they have the waterproof version. The formula is nothing super impressive but the wand is mega stella for adding length, volume and definition to the lashes. I am almost done with it but it's a bitter-sweet victory.

L.A.COLORS Auto Lip Liner - perfect brown 
This is not the perfect brown-not on me anyway, it's more of a coral brown on my lips but it does pair well with some of my nude lippies so it's no at all hard to wear. I also tend to favor a more neutral lip so I should be done with this in a month or so if I wear makeup at least once or twice a week.

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick (matte) - velvet teddy 
My go to nude pared with chestnut lip liner and honey love lipstick. I have been pinching this for a while but I think it's a good idea to use it up since I have quite a few other nudes from MAC that I never touch.

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick (retro matte) - all fired up 
This is going to be a hard one because this is one of my very first lippies from MAC. It doesn't even apply the way it used to and trust me it hasn't been in my collection that long.

Milani Cosmetics HD Concealer - 04
If I could describe this accurately I would say it's a olive beige. It's way too light for my skin tone but it's formula is perfection. You can't see anything in the pen because there's only a tincy bit left. I have one or two uses left at most.

Black Opal Total Coverage Concealing Foundation - beautiful bronze
I had to mix this in with my L.A. Girl Pro. Conceal HD Concealer in beautiful bronze to get the coverage and finish I wanted without the extra layers. We'll see how this one goes because turns out I don't care for the Black Opal formula on my skin even though it looks amazing when photographed. The L.A. Girl is just not hydrating enough on it's own though it sets fast enough and gives me matte without the dry crepe look.

Santee Cosmetics Mineral Compact - 09
Is a tad warm for under the eyes but it levels the playing field most times. I love it when my concealer is too light or too pink, yellow or beige. It's not so great if the concealer is peachy, orange or anything close to skin tone. I love this powder and I am yet to find a substitute I like better especially for setting the brow bone. I have hit major pan and I am pretty proud since I only use a little and I have had it for maybe 2 years and I seldom wear makeup.

Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder - 360 Mocha 
I use this to bronze up the skin and I haven't found a better powder for the job. I generally don't use too much of this and I have recently stopped trying to define my nose because I hate how it looks in pictures. I don't even contour anymore because I haven't found the perfect powder for contouring yet. This is as old as my second child or maybe a little younger.

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