Monday, May 15, 2017


So, I'm giving up makeup.

Yes I have given it plenty of thought.
At first I thought it was just insecurity but as time passed by I realized there was something more to it.

First of all, I am always going to do whatever the hell I want, whenever the heck I want and the only career that seems to be interested in me is "mommying".

It kinda feels like I'm giving up on my dreams but your dreams change when you have children and you realize that they are your dreams.

I'm taking the easy way out, but don't nobody dare come for me! I have been in this industry long enough and I am wise enough to know that it is not happening. I honestly don't know what to do and I have rebranded to add to the professionalism of the service, but, leaving the field is just a tizzy free approach.

I'm not getting any work and I don't know that I have marketed myself enough but I know I have done my best and sometimes you have to bow out gracefully-not because you've lost, but because you realize it not for you and it not worth the fight.

Secondly, I acknowledge that it's my fault because my career never really took off. It always seemed to just lag. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong but it never jump started at all and the only peak I have ever had was Summer 2015 when business seemed to flourish unexpectedly.

Finally, I need to focus on what I really want. I love putting makeup on people. I love talking about makeup. I love trying new makeup but all this makeup is expensive and it has a decided shelf life. I can't keep stocking a kit that hardly ever gets used because that only leads to throwing out stuff that have expired or is about to expire and having to buy new stuff.

To make matters worse, now-a-days everybody wants that instagram makeup look, and they want banana powder, and they want Anastacia Beverly Hills glow powder, so you keep acquiring more and more stuff because you want to get clients and keep clients and what it requires to do a face is a whole mess of stuff when back in the day it was mixing, blending and using an eyeshadow as blush, highlight and lipstick because you are an artist and that's what you love and that's what challenges you.

Don't worry though, this is not goodbye. I am not hanging up my brush belt just yet. I will be doing makeup on my YouTube channel every now and then. I will still write reviews and talk about makeup but I will no longer take bookings or do makeup on other people for money.

I don't have my kit anymore either and I have gotten rid of the makeup in it. I want to teach people how to apply makeup and how to approach purchasing makeup and maybe one day I will take up my brush belt again but it will be on my time and on my terms.

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