Sunday, May 7, 2017


I have decided to never use Castor Oil ever again. I'm talking about the clear, thick almost sticky type since I am yet to have a reaction to Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

I love the Shavuot Black Castor Oil and that actually does not irritate my scalp, but this, this Rise n Shine Online one drives me nuts. I apply it and minutes later I got fire ants all over my scalp.

Pili Multigemini

It doesn't matter whether I dilute it or not the result is the same-a scalp on fire and to make matters worse I have a rare scalp condition called Pili Multigemini (where more than one hair grows out of a single follicle). If you have questions or would like me to go in depth just comment below.

If you look closely, you can see the red spots on my scalp. The grey spots are scars from previous damage. 

So, how am I allergic to Castor Oil?

It really simple actually. Castor Oil is loved for its many benefits to the skin. One of those benefits is its ability to be absorbed rapidly into the skin so that it gets where it needs to go to deliver the most benefit. Castor Oil causes hives on my scalp which makes it super itchy and nothing stops the itch except washing it off with shampoo. This becomes pointless if you've already scratched because now the hives have spread and there are tiny cuts on your scalp.

The first time I applied this Castor Oil to my hair and scalp it felt extremely oily and my scalp was on fire minutes later. A day later it felt dirty and looked dull. I probably should have taken the hint back then but a few days ago I thought I would give it another try but this time I used Olive oil to thin it out a bit and added a few extra oils to help with the possible itch.

It didn't work.

I always end up going back into the shower to rinse it out my hair and wash it off my scalp but not until I have scratched, scarred and damaged my scalp. After all the cuts and blisters heal I am left with scarred tissue which only interferes with hair growth. This also cause folliculitis and further implicates healthy hair growth.

To further complicate things. I have eczema on my scalp so applying anything at all to my hair and scalp can lead to a seriously itchy outcome.

I can no longer put this and many other things on my hair. I am a little bit bummed about it but I am sure I can live without it.

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