Sunday, July 9, 2017


I've spent months trying to use up products that I really don't care for. So much so that I had grown weary of makeup and sat uninspired and listless. 


I decided after quite a bit of meditation to let these things go. There is much of it that I am still having trouble letting go of but there are bits and bobs that I am quite certain that I don't desire to hold on to for the mere fact that I am not using them enough and when I do I have to force myself.

I decided to start with these few MAC cosmetics lipsticks.


Candy Yum Yum (matte) is my least favorite because of the problematic formula. I feel like even when I apply a lip liner underneath it still settles into my lip lines and doesn't have the same impact it does in the tube. The colour is beautiful and it really does flatter a variety of skin tones, but I can't get pass the formula.

All Fired Up (retro matte) - this was fabulous when I bought it but the formula has changed somewhat and it is now dry and crepe. It looks so horrible on the lips that I couldn't possibly wear it out. The colour is stunning and I love how it pairs with my skin tone but up close it looks like powder mixed in very poorly with lip balm and that's not in the least bit flattering. The only way to get around it is to gloss it up, but I truly prefer a matte bold lip look.

Heroine (matte) - a pretty purple but not as fabulous as it is raved to be. It could be that I am just not a fan of purple lippies. The formula is very nice, it's actually exceptional but it not a true matte and like I said I prefer a bold matte lip versus a cream or gleaming bright lip shade.

D for Danger (matte) - it's such a beautiful deep, wine red. It looks burgundy in some lighting. I wish it was more matte than it is creamy and in all honesty I was hoping it was a dupe for "heaux" by MAC from the long time Rihanna collection. It's not. I don't fancy reds unless they are blue based and really really matte. The formula is perfection. It's a "it's not you, it's me situation".

Antique Velvet (matte) - somebody say "rich", because that is exactly what it is, a deep rich brown with a heavy red undertone. I wanted a true dark chocolate brown. I was convinced it was by one of the mac girls but I was sorely disappointed when I tried it on my lips. It's gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but I don't love it on me and the looks you pair it with has to be pretty specific. I would love it were it as matte as Ruby Woo, but alas it is not.

So that's it then. I bid you adieu. You served me, well not really!

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