Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Luna, Estrellas, Sol

Apparently these have been out for a while but I only got my hands on them sometime around my birthday or before.

I actually really love these powders. They wear beautifully on the skin on top of foundation, concealer and even just moisturizer or sunscreen. I don't know that they should be marketed as bronzers but I suppose if your target market is of light-medium skin tones then that is exactly what these would be.

These are coloured powders that are nicely pigmented to add extra coverage to your foundation. They are super soft for drugstore or even budget brands which is where Kleancolor falls in the cosmetics industry. It doesn't mean that the products aren't quality but it does often times mean cheaper packaging or less packaging.
The packaging on these are pretty much average but a bulky nuisance and I'm not talking about the huge pans because I love that the pans are huge. I just cant understand why the covers couldn't be flat instead of domed because it makes them impossible to store-they take up so much space.

They do not have a mirror but I don't mind that so much either because the transparent lid allows me to see the product inside (it's useful since I have all the shades).
from left to right - Luna, Estrellas, Sol

These powders come in three shades and two different finishes, which we'll talk about in my next post.

The first is a banana shade (sol matte) that I use to set under the eyes and I actually really like this considering my under eye setting powder never goes lighter than a shade or two. You have to use it sparingly if your a deeper shade of melanin and in most cases I wouldn't recommend it if you were darker than me but it's not so bad if you thread lightly.

The formula is soft and light and plays well with others so no matter which brand foundation or concealer you use it should perform the same.

The other is a medium dark shade (estrellas matte) that I use all over the face to set my foundation. It builds up the coverage of my foundation (not that it needs it) and blends really well. These are truly some high performance powders that are super soft, wears beautifully and doesn't seem to oxidize too much. This has raised my expectation of budget brands to the highest order and this is why people should't have "cake face" or "flashback face" because affordable brands are getting it right.

The last is a deep mahogany brown (luna matte) with a red under tone. I use it as bronzer sometimes but I prefer it as blush. As much as I'd like to stay away from it I can't put it down because it makes my face look so much better. Deeper skin tones could get away with using this as face powder but it would not be enough for a bronzer and it is too red for low lighting.

You get 21.6g of product in each pan that are supposed to be good for two years once opened. They are cruelty free and won't break the bank since each once cost less than 200JMD.

Though the price point depends on where you buy them I still think they're affordable and worth every penny.

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