Sunday, August 6, 2017


When I saw these on the shelf of my local wholesale some months ago I tried my best to ignore them. I told myself that for 190JMD they couldn't be that good but they were looking exactly that good and even better. I stood there catching feelings, wanting to buy them, but walking away and telling myself that they were just another talc filled powder that looked good on the surface.

It was like an orgasm before foreplay-short and unfulfilling!

I couldn't help but think about them. Nothing haunts you more than the makeup you didn't buy...or maybe that only happens to me. I talked to my husband about them trying to convince myself that they were dime a dozen products and I couldn't shut up about it and so I guess he saw the need to buy them all for my birthday.

These like the mattes come in three shades and they are all gorgeous and reflective and luminous and I couldn't wait to put all of them on my face.

from left to right - Sol, Estrellas, Luna

Sol, a pale yellow gold almost duo chrome highlight took me for a wild ride and left me disappointed with no cimax because it was not the most flattering on my skin tone. I prefer it as an eyeshadow. I use it as an eyeshadow and I love it. This would be perfect for medium-tan skin tones. It doesn't look ashy, not even in the least and if it didn't list talc as the first ingredient I would think it was the tears or a unicorn or a leprechaun or a fairy or something from a magical time and place-one can dream, but no it's just good ole mica properly formulated and combined with other ingredients.

Estrellas, listen I got your bronze glow right here, this looks straight up copper but better! It makes an excellent blush topper and it would make and even more amazing highlight for deep, melanated, chocolate skin. OOOh the goosebumps as I envision applying this to the top of the cheeks of a dark skin bride. Oh my!

Luna, I coveted this shade. I dreamt about this shade. I imagined my entire body being plunged into this shade-It's a beautiful plum brown shimmer that makes all the others appear pale in comparison. This would be a great blush for rich chocolate skin, it makes a stunning eye shadow but I love it best as a blush topper. Take my naked body and envelope me with this shade. I want to be burred in LUNA-not Dior, not Gucci, not even Prada or Fenty! This shade is life, it's death, it's everything! This shade will never allow you to hit it and quit'll have you married and pregnant before you turn to apply it to the other cheek. FACTS!

The formula of these are second to only a few. They are so soft they feel creamy. They will make you wet-it will give you that dewy wet highlighted look. What kind of wet did you think I was talking about?!

They're cruelty free. They're inexpensive and you get a ton a product 21.6 grams to be exact. These are one of the best budget beauty finds I have come across in a long time.

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