jamaicanmakeupauthority was born out of an addiction and an obsession with beauty. I formulated this blog as a statement of beauty that rivals the mainstream socially accepted ideals of beauty. She is your coloured Marilyn Monroe-so to speak. jamaicanmakeupauthority is updated often and offers information and insight to your usually purchased brands and those brands that you may have only glimpsed but would like to take a second look at. It features my 100%  honest, yet objective reviews, thoughts and opinions (by objective I mean not biased or with favoritism towards any brand, company or product).

I am not here to sell anything or to rake in sales for any company or advert. Thus far all products are purchased by me. All products or items gifted to me by companies will be clearly stipulated by me using bold " REVIEW" in the title of the post or using a disclaimer within the body of the post unless otherwise stated.

I will tell you if I like a product based on how it works for me and my personal experience with the product, but we are not here to test theories or to bash any product simply because it would be worth nothing and the information provided would be based on an individualistic view point-which would not help anyone. Therefore I will subject each item reviewed to the same critical approach thereby leaving you to make your own judgement and draw your own conclusions.

For Reference:
  • Face and Body - I have normal to combination skin, but my skin does tend to get a bit dry in the colder months.
  • Hair - I have kinky coily hair, type 4c, a few damaged/split ends, extremely thick.
  • Skin tone - I am dark skinned with a yellow - orange undertone, I do not know what I am in MAC
Testing Periods:
  1. Lip Products - are wear tested over a three wear period.
  2. Foundation/Concealer/Primers - I will test over a full week using only that product.
  3. Powder Products (face,cheeks,eyes) - are tested twice once with a primer and once without.
  4. Shampoo/Conditioner - I have a seven wash rule before making any judgement.
  5. Hair styling products - These will be used at least three times before I share my thoughts.
  6. Skin Care - I will test the product for as long as it claims it needs to be used to see any benefits, if it doesn't make any claims I will give it a 28 day trial
*I test facial/skin care over a two week period but if I decide to continue with a product of this nature
  I tend to do a follow up post around the three month mark.
If you require any further information please feel free to get in touch 
with me via email tiffonylrichards@gmail.com
Thank you!


  1. Following!! Hi there! I'm new to the whole blogging world but I am so excited to catch up on all your posts. I have recently started my own site:
    http://beautyismyheaven.blogspot.com/ if you are interested in checking it out! Can't wait to start exchanging beauty tips!


  2. I found your blog through Night Owl Venting and am following you via Bloglovin :) I am happy that I found your space! I am always looking for ways to look better!

    Have a good day!